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Drinks Advisory Services


What We Do

SagasuDrinks offers a wide range of services within the spirits, wine and beer industries. Core to our values are passion, integrity, enjoyment, and building lasting relationships.

We provide an advisory service to aid in the improvement of internal operations of various drinks companies. Assisting in plant and process approval with HMRC, trading standards and food safety, SALSA, HACCP, supply chain, stock management, warehousing, new product development and recruitment.  There are also contract distilling options, travelling to your distillery to help make your spirits.  

As a WSET Approved Program Provider offering WSET Level 1,2 & soon Level 3 Spirits as well as WSET Level 1,2 & 3 Wines certification we can travel to your area to hold courses at your business.

WSET Courses

Struggling to find a WSET course provider near you?  Drop us a line, we travel to various areas in the UK, Channel Islands, Europe & Canada to offer bespoke WSET course to serve your needs. (Photo © Joby Catto)

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For WSET courses please contact

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